Our Advantages

In-depth knowledge in the light metals industry

The board of directors boasts a collective 70 years of experience in the light metals industry. In the China market, our extensive industry connections and relationships are crucial to the success of your venture.

As prominent social media influencers in China, we are at the forefront of promoting the use of light metals, including aluminum and magnesium, as well as the implementation of innovative technologies in the production of light metals, from ore to final products.

Our comprehensive understanding of China-born technologies and the increasing demand for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment in the light metals production, coupled with our connections within the industry, allows us to assist our Chinese customers in growing their business internationally through the promotion of their innovative technology and equipment.

Our Advantages

Technologies for light metals from China’s perspective

As the leading global producer of alumina, aluminum, and magnesium, China is also rapidly increasing its consumption of light metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and lithium. In order to combat climate change, it is crucial for China to adopt new technologies for the production and processing of these metals that aim to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

Over the past two decades, China has made significant strides in developing its own technologies and equipment for the production and processing of light metals. These innovations have the potential to benefit the light metals industry not only within China, but also on a global scale.

The expert team at Sunlight Metal is well-equipped to evaluate and identify the most suitable applications for these technologies, both within China and beyond.

Our Advantages

Networking and relationship

Networking and relationship are keys to doing business anywhere else, but China has its unique characteristics in business networking and relationship. The  “GuanXi” (relationship) and “Renmai” (networking) takes years to develop and the mutual trust is the corner stone for any business to be successful in the market. We have cultivated both Guanxi and Renmai in China’s Light Metals industry for over three decades.

Our Advantages

One Team, Two Locations

Sunlight Metal operates as a unified team across its Beijing and Toronto offices, with a single board of directors overseeing both entities. As a Canadian incorporation, Sunlight Metal Consulting (Toronto) offers our western clients the advantages of being governed by western business practices and adhering to western contract laws and regulations. In addition, our affiliated company in Beijing allows us to provide seamless services to our western clients looking to expand their business in China.

Our company’s extensive experience in western culture, coupled with our understanding of cultural and industry differences between China and the West, also enables us to offer valuable services to Chinese companies seeking to expand internationally.