For Chinese companies going international

Our target clients include those who are seeking to expand their business internationally, to utilize innovative technology and equipment in the aluminium and magnesium production process, from ore to finished products, for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, emissions, and carbon footprints in support of efforts to combat climate change.

Market research services for Chinese technology companies

Upstream Market research for technologies and equipment to be applied for alumina refineries, Aluminium Smelters, and Magnesium producers

Sunlight Metal Consulting provides comprehensive marketing and sales services designed to support the growth and success of your business internationally.

Our services include the development and maintenance of a professional English-language website, translation and preparation of promotional materials in English, participation in Western trade shows and representation in the West, translation of technical papers into English, conference attendance, promotion through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube, customer visits and technical presentations, assistance with proposal preparation and bidding, and contract negotiation and execution follow-up. With our support, you can confidently and effectively market and sell your technologies, equipment and final products to a global audience.

Market Research and Consulting

Our market research and consulting services offer in-depth analysis of the potential market for technologies and equipment in the alumina refinery, aluminum smelter and fabrication, and magnesium producer and fabrication industries in the target market outside of China. We provide detailed intelligence on the current market for similar technologies and equipment, as well as insight on competition and potential market capitalization. Our services aim to provide comprehensive and reliable information to assist in the successful implementation of your technology or equipment in the target market outside of China.

Additionally, we offer logo design for your company or product, targeting your potential Western clients.  

Our market research customers include