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We have a passion for light metals


The founding partners of Sunlight Metal all have long history working in the Light Metals industry. Mr. Chunming Dong started his career in China’s Nonferrous and Light Metals industry back in 1987. He founded SUNLIGHT METAL Beijing in 2006, to provide consulting and information services to multinational companies who wanted to enter the China Market.  Sunlight Metal Beijing’s Services include Corporate Strategy, Market Research, Sales Network setup and Trading within the aluminum and magnesium industries.

Before joining SUNLIGHT METAL CONSULTING  Toronto, Mr. Michael Ren had over 22 years working experience with Outotec Canada (Aisco Systems, Outokumpu), to promote the company’s Alumina and Aluminium technologies in the China and “China-related” markets. Based in Toronto, Mr. Ren’s deep understanding of both the Chinese and Western Cultures has brough huge success for the company, with many breakthrough technology and equipment sales in the China Market.

What does Sunlight Metal mean?

Mr. Dong had a vision for SUNLIGHT METAL (“尚轻时代” – “Shang” Light Metal in Chinese) back in 2006. “Sun” sounds like “Shang” in Chinese, means “trendy” “fashionable”. He was inspired by the great potentials of the light metals such as aluminium and magnesium. Mr. Dong’s interpretation of Sunlight Metal brand is to “Promote light metals and its light weight like fashion, to encourage young people to join the industry, with their vigor and fashion spirit to build a better future for all of us”.

We have a passion for light metals

We love light metals such as Aluminium and magnesium, we believe in its sustainability, with its weight-reduction in a wide range of applications. Since 2006, we have been advocating more applications of light metals such as aluminium and magnesium in China. China’s per capita aluminium consumption has gone from 2 kg in 2000 to 25 kg in 2020. We see aluminium and magnesium as necessary to our daily life as Sunlight, they’re one of the most sustainable metals.


Facts about China’s Light Metal Industry

Facts about China’s Light Metal Industry

  • China accounts for 51% of world alumina Production, 55% aluminium production, 50% Semis Products and nearly 90% of world magnesium production.
  • China is under increasing pressure to reduce its CO2 emissions, as a significant portion of its energy production is derived from coal and coal-fired power. To meet its goal of reaching a peak in carbon emissions by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2050, the country is actively seeking out advanced technologies.
  • Chinese producers of light metals are seeking innovative solutions to minimize their energy consumption, decrease their carbon emissions, and address environmental pollution.


With our joint efforts, let's make this world a better place with Light Metals.

The mission of SUNLIGHT METAL is to promote the use of environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient technologies throughout the entire light metals production chain, from ore to final products. Our goal is to foster the wider and more diverse application of these materials, to make a meaningful contribution to combatting global warming.

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