Expert Team

Dr. Fengqin Liu

Dr. Liu is a sitting Professor at University of Science and Technology, Beijing. She serves as the director of Nonferrous Metals Metallurgy Faculty and Ph.D. supervisor. Former Chalco’s Chief Engineer and vice Director of Chalco’s Zhengzhou Research Institute, Dr. Liu had successfully led Chalco’s R&D on aluminum production technologies.

Specialized in aluminum smelting, carbon anode manufacturing and alumina production technologies, Dr. Liu has successfully conducted the science and technology development programs and many China national key R&D projects in the light metal industry for almost 40 years.  

Dr. Liu’s major scientific and technological achievements are as follows:

(1)   High efficiency digestion process for lower caustic consumption from the gibbsite-boehmite bauxites with high quartz content.

(2)   High value resource utilization of aluminum dross from aluminum smelting, fabrication and recycling process.

(3)   High efficiency and green metallurgy of magnesium by designing a vertical high temperature reduction retort for semicontinuous operation and lower consumption. 

(4)   Key manufacturing technologies for high quality carbon anodes from the complex composition petroleum cokes by selective blending and high efficiency shaft calciner etc.

(5)   New cathode structure cell technology for low power consumption by changing size and shape of cathode and collect bars.

(6)   Technology development for high reduction cell life for reducing maintenance and harmful waste residue disposal by improving the quality of cathode, side wall and refractory materials, new cell baking technology.