Expert Team

Prof. Shaojun Zhang

Professor Zhang Shaojun is the leader of the magnesium-based technology and materials team at Zhengzhou University. He spent more than ten years of time and energy presiding over and successfully developed thecompound-vertical-retort silicothermic technology for magnesium production, which has effectively promoted the magnesium smelting industry to take a big step towards low-carbon, green, and mechanized production. In recent years, relying on profound theoretical knowledge of physical chemistry and rich experience in engineering technology development, he has started to devote himself to the development of technologies for the automation of compound compound-vertical-retort technology, catalytic carbon-thermal magnesium smelting process, and magnesium slag resource utilization technology. He has made remarkable achievements in the field of his work. He has won 8 national/provincial and ministerial awards, published 1 academic monograph, and obtained more than 30 invention patents.