Expert Team

Dr. Songqing Gu

Dr. Songqing Gu has been working in the aluminum industry, specializing in the R&D of alumina refining and aluminum smelting for more than 50 years. Dr. Gu has over 40 international or domestic Invention Patents. 

Former Director of Chalco’s Zhengzhou Light Metals Research Institute, Chief Engineer and Scientific Adviser of Chalco, Dr. Gu is still very active in the light metals industry, he has published more than 80 technical papers.    

The major technological achievements of Professor Gu are as follows:  

(1) R&D of the Double Stream Indirect Preheating Digestion for Floatation-Bayer process at high digestion temperatures by developing a new preheating program and middle retention autoclave for less scaling and longer operation time 

(2) Developing the Lime-Bayer Process from low grade diasporic bauxites for lower caustic consumption by relatively more lime addition and new dosage method

(3) Developing higher efficiency Bayer process for lower energy consumption in Bayer process by promoting caustic concentrations of circulating mother liquor, reducing alumina loss in the residue settling process and improving precipitation rate 

(4) Studying on the reactions and behaviors of bauxite and additives in the Bayer process for developing the new, energy saving and less consumption processes such as the best lime additions, selective blending of different types of bauxite and designing of the best digestion parameters for optimum performance etc.  

(5) Developing sandy alumina production technology for better alumina quality by the detection of fine particles change in the precipitation tanks and using fine temperature adjustment and CGM  

(6) Developing new alumina production process from aluminum dross by harmless treatment and high value utilization of the alumina components in the waste disposal.